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Yoyo Arrow Elite - High Performance Bearing w Spare / Advanced

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Two bearings included ... beginner then advanced play.

The Arrow Elite is a beginner-friendly tug responsive play-out-of-the-pack yoyo. The pack includes wider bearing rapidly which transforms the ARROW into a "finger spin capable unresponsive" yoyo!

These are not just an ordinary yoyos. The Yoyo Factory are dedicated yoyo experts founded by expert players and world champions. Geppetto's Workshop have tested dozens of yoyos from a dozen manufacturers and this is the brand we recommend. We do NOT sell junk/toy quality yoyos ... just the real thing.


  • Diameter : 58.5 mm
  • Width : 42.0 mm
  • Gap : 4.3 mm/2.8 mm
  • Weight : 64 grams
  • Material : Polycarbonate with aluminum hub and spacer