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Yoyo Replay - Weighted for Tricks / Intermediate


If you're no longer a beginner and want a new performance yoyo, this is it.

The newest Yoyo from World Champion Gentry Stein is the Replay Responsive yoyo. Designed specific for both beginner and novice yoyo players the Replay comes standard with a responsive bearing which allows the yoyo to come back to your hand with the tug of the string.

With a long spin time you will be able to perfect all your yoyo tricks such as: Walk the Dog, Creeper, Forward Pass, Around the World, Jamaican Flag, Eiffel Tower, Breakaway, Pop the Clutch, Flying Saucer / UFO, sleeper, and more.

These are not just an ordinary yoyos. The Yoyo Factory are dedicated yoyo experts founded by expert players and world champions. Geppetto's Workshop have tested dozens of yoyos from a dozen manufacturers and this is the brand we recommend. We do NOT sell junk/toy quality yoyos ... just the real thing.


  • Weight : 68 grams
  • Diameter : 58.9mm
  • Width : 42.3mm
  • Bearing : Size C (Narrow, Thin)
  • Response: YYF CBC-Pad large slim
  • Return Responsive : Tug Return