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Yoyo Velocity - Adjustable / Intermediate


A more serious and super adjustable yoyo ... beginner to advanced.

The Velocity is a terrific plastic yoyo from the world renowned makers at YoYoFactory. The Velocity yo yo comes with a patented "adjust-o-matic" dial, which allows for 100 different settings of response. If you look inside the yoyo, you'll see that the adjustable response system uses silicone pads that click inward or outward from the bearing when you turn the dial on either side of the yoyo. As your skills progress, it's as easy as turning the dial to find the setting that is right for you.

This adjustable response system means that the Velocity is a suitable yoyo for anyone from a beginner to an advanced player. You can set the yoyo up so that it wakes up easily when you are just starting out and doing basic to intermediate tricks. And after you've mastered all of these tricks, you can click the dials on each side outward and make this yoyo completely unresponsive (non-responsive), so that you can learn advanced yoyo techniques like binding and grinding.

The Velocity yoyo has a very high quality SPEC bearing for lengthy spin times, and a modified wing shape made out of smooth plastic, which makes it easier to catch the yoyo back on the string. If you are into details, you'll want to know that the size of the yoyo bearing is what is commonly referred to as an A size bearing.

This yoyo has a weight of 61 grams. It's a little bit on the heavy side for a plastic yoyo. That additional weight, along with the really thick rims give it a very long sleep time, due to the physics of putting weight at the edge of a spinning object. That extra spin time will come in handy later, when you are doing advanced string tricks and learning how to bind, and to grind with your yoyo.

These are not just an ordinary yoyos. The Yoyo Factory are dedicated yoyo experts founded by expert players and world champions. Geppetto's Workshop have tested dozens of yoyos from a dozen manufacturers and this is the brand we recommend. We do NOT sell junk/toy quality yoyos ... just the real thing.


  • Diameter: 54.6mm
  • Width: 38.7mm
  • Gap - 3.7 mm
  • Weight: 61 grams
  • Bearing: CBC Small Spec Bearing
  • Response System: CBC Large Slim Pads
  • Includes 1 yoyo string