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Swedish quality since 1884, Brio is an icon of the toy world!

Brio began as a small family business in Osby, Sweden. Few toy companies can boast their heritage, and few have survived the decades to become a global icon in toys. We keep a selection of Brio toys which represent the best of their massive range. Their packaging is exceptional and the products within are best in their class.

When cared for, Brio products can last for life, becoming those treasured toys that are handed down though generations. You'll never find Brio toys in the opp-shop because you'll always put them in the nostalgia box as a toy to keep.

Still designed in Sweden, Brio are a design-led company where innovation is valued. Brio designers collaborate with educational and psychology professionals to create toys that are fun, enduring, educational and emotive. With their origins in the late 1880's, Brio also willingly incorporates the latest in technology to enhance kid's experiences in play.

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