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Air Power Engine Car

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This fabulous build-and-play kit allows you to build a car that is powered purely by air! Completely eco-friendly! Children will gain valuable insights into propulsion via compressed air! We've built a few of these ourselves for testing and they're awesome.

The car requires no batteries, has no motor, is easy to build and will travel up to 50 metres.

Assembly and operation is a breeze! You pump by moving the bottle back and forth while watching the pressure meter built into the car. This meter indicates the increasing pressure of the compressed air. When the air chamber is full, you can release the compressed air, driving the vehicle up to 50 metres in 35 seconds. The car is fast and furious fun that requires no batteries or specific weather conditions to limit its usage.

Please be aware that the packaging of this items tends to change and the image of the box is indicative. The item within the box is identical regardless of the packaging you receive.

Ages 10+