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Bug Viewer with Cord

by Navir

Made by the Navir, optical toy experts in Italy, this little bug viewer is a perfect and afforable introduction to exploring the smaller world of insects. It includes the vial, tweezers and neck cord.

Please note, the Bug Viewer does NOT include the little ladybug shown in the image.

  1. Find a bug
  2. Use the tweezers (included) to carefully place the bug in the vial
  3. Screw the lid down and choose from x2 or x4 magnification
  4. Enjoy looking ... then carefully return the bug to where you found it
  • With the small lens up magnify to approximate twice the size.
  • With the small lens down, magnify to approximate four times the size.
  • Can also be used to study flowers, leaves, coins, stamps.

Safety Rating : 3 yrs +