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Carlos - 25 inch / Hispanic


"OMG ... I love those puppets!" ... We hear this every week about our Silly Puppets. 

The 25" variety of Silly Puppets are very popular with children, parents and educators performing to small groups of people. This includes church groups, librarians and teachers. You use one hand to operate the mouth, and your second hand to operate the rod to control one of the puppet's arm and hand.

Parents and Children

Here is a reason to put screens down! Puppetry brings stoy-telling to life. The bedtime story becomes something to look forward to ... sometimes just hard to stop! Enhanced role playing games, a little im-promptu theatre, quiet time with a book, a travel buddy; the list of uses is endless.

Puppets inspire creativity, performance, imagination and fun. They can become critical companions for children who need more than a "stuffed toy". Puppets can also help parents maintain communication with children struggling with anxiety, trauma or sadness ... try asking "Could Buddy tell me how you're feeling?"

Educators and Health Professionals

Silly Puppets are successfully used to communicate with a variety of people where direct, face-to-face conversation is not effective. A puppet can reduce the fear of confiding because the puppet will not express judgement. A professional can use the puppet to raise difficult matters, or a patient can use the puppet to express how they're feeling.

Puppets introduce an irrisitable fun into a conversation and can break patterns of behaviour and negative thought responses. This works well with human characters as well as our animal puppets. Our clients include educators, speech pathologists, psychologists, aged care workers, OTs, librarians, dentists, nurses, church leaders and more.

Don't be shy! Make an appointment with Geppetto's Workshop expert staff who can provide you training in the operation of your puppet. You'll be amazed how quickly you become proficient and how powerful puppetry can be.