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Handmade Marble - 16 mm / Namaste


Each one unique!

These marbles are crafted by hand, each one unique and bearing the marks of their maker. Based on a classic design, the Namaste features fig like tear drops within a ruby red centre.

Playing with marbles helps develop a child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Traditional games can still be enjoyed along with new ways of incorporating marbles into modern play. This can include roleplay, new games and simply the sensory experience of enjoying they way marbles change in light or feel in your hand. They're a great open-ended toy to help your children explore play creatively.

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All handmade marbles show signs of the craftsmanship required to make them. In particular, handmade marbles can have a tiny mark where the coloured glasses merge at the surface of the marble. You may also find tiny air bubbles trapped within the sphere. These are both normal, and part of their charm!!


  • House is Marbles is THE marble expert
  • British brand for over 50 years


  • Collectable, and flexible, open ended play
  • Unique ... each one made by hand

Age Suitability

  • Safety standards : 3 yrs+ (AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2023)
  • What about 0-3 yrs : Only if supervised play
  • Target age : 3-99 yrs (ideal developmental target)


  • 16 x 16 x 16 cm (approx.)
  • 20 grams (approx.)

Care Instructions

  • Keep clean by wiping it with a slightly damp cloth
  • Do not drop on hard surfaces