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Letters Kids Wooden Puzzle - 26 pcs

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Look at those thick, chunky letters with rich, solid colours!

There's lots to do with a puzzle like this and it's suitable for children under three, all the way into primary school.

When playing with children 2 years old, you're talking about shape and colour and describing the orientation of letters and the using all the words required to correctly position them in the recesses; words like "turn it over", "turn it around" etc. You can sort them by colour as well into little piles.

When playing with children 3 years old, you can also ask kids to "find the letter P" and "what letter is this?" and "can you find the first letter of your name?" etc.

At 4+ years old, you're putting the letters into short three or four letter words where possible. Kids can be shown how to run their fingers along the letter holes as they'd be drawn, and use them to help form letters on paper.

Age Rating :  0-3 years