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Matryoshka - Mini / 5 pc set / Approx 4 cm / Blue

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Matryoshka are a traditional Russian toy and gift with over 220 years of history. Our dolls are all genuine and hand made in Russia. These little sets include 5 dolls in total ... yes, all crammed into the outer doll which is about  4cm tall.

The images shown are indicative of the style and will be very close, but may not exactly represent the item available. Be mindful that all nesting dolls are made from a natural and varying wood, are hand turned and hand painted. Each design is unique and they vary both in colour, design and detail at the artist's discretion. The size indicated is approximate.

Mini matryoshka are all handmade, and as the pieces get smaller, the paintwork detail reduces given the diminishing space to work. At times, the faces on the tiniest dolls are barely recognisable. To create 5 doll sets of this size requires the walls of each doll to be very thin. This makes themfragile and largely ornamental rather than a play-thing for children.

None of the above are faults. They are just the very nature of miniatures like this and this should be treated as the novelty and uniqueness of the matryoshka.

Safety Age - 3 years +

Suitable Age - 8 years +