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Mr and Mrs Claus - 5 pc set / High Quality / 16 cm / Ltd 144986


This is a unique matroyoshka #144986 ... each one photographed individually to help you choose. 

This set is finished in a gloss lacquer which will resist marks and scuffing over time with extensive display or even play by children. While these dolls are not approved for unsupervised use by 0-3 yr kids due to them containing small parts, our matryoshka are very suitable for supervised play from perhaps 2 yrs and older.

All our matryoshka are made in Russia. We take great care to ensure the provinence of our nesting dolls and certificates of their origin can be purchased from Geppetto's Workshop on request by phone or by visiting the store. These are the real-deal ... not faux.

Please note that the image provided is of the actual item for sale.

Each matryoshka of this type is photographed individually so that you can be assured of what you’re purchasing. Each design is hand painted and vary both in colour, design and detail at the artists discretion. Be mindful that all nesting dolls are made from a natural and varying wood, are hand turned and hand painted. Each is unique and each will show signs of their craft. These variances are not considered faults. As the nesting dolls age, so too do the surfaces and fit.

If you find your dolls too tight to open, be gentle and open them like a bottle of champagne ... don't twist. Once open, you can also apply the smallest amount of candle wax or soap to the raw timber edges at the joint ... but never sand them. It's important that you never expose your nesting dolls to water (the bath!) or to long periods of direct sunlight and heat.