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Stunt Master Kite - Dual Line / 93 x 84 cm


The Stunt Master Kite is manufactured by Brookite. It includes dual lines with 2 handles. For use in a light to moderate breeze. This is a great kits for a tounger child wanting to get into stunt action on a kite without the difficulty of a sports kite. It looks like a simple diamond kite, but the two lines give younger users a chance to direct the movement of the kite in the breeze.


  • Size: 93cm x 84cm
  • Material: Spinnaker Nylon
  • Frame: Fibreglass Struts
  • Control : Dual lines with 2 handles (36m)
  • Assembly time: 1 minute
  • Twine Strength: 12 Kg
  • Age: 3 +
  • Wind Range: 6-15mph