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Thumper Bunny - 20 cm

by Elka

We called this Thumper!

This bunny by Elka is what we've chosen to call Thumper. Why? ... because it's just the perfect little wild rabbit. Not entirely true to Disney's Thumper, it's close enough and ridiculously cute. It's little body is very close to the proportions of a real miniature lop or Netherland dwarf bunny.

This would make an adorable plush-pet bunny for a little person needing something to love, but unable to have a real bunny! No feeding required, and we guarantee it will never pee on the carpet or chew the cables behind the TV. 

We'll take some new photography soon because the photo we have just doesn't do it justice. Trust us ... it's cute.


  • Just plain fun!
  • No packaging ... so no waste
  • Predominantly mixed polymer fabrics

Age Suitability

  • Safety standards : 3 yrs+ (AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2023)
  • What about 0-3 yrs : Suitable if supervised only
  • Target age : 3-8 yrs (ideal developmental target)


  • 30 x 15 x 15 cm (approx.)
  • 200 grams (approx.)

Care Instructions

  • Spot clean using a mild clothes detergent
  • Sponge rinse then dab dry
  • Do not immerse in water or damage may occur
  • Keep out of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
  • Keep away from any direct heat sources