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Travel Bug


See Australia by road, rail, air or sea. Collect photos of landmarks, plants and animals, enjoy amazing travels and return home safely. Earn points by travelling and collecting souvenirs.

This family board game is a bit like Ticket to Ride, but with a lot deeper engagement in the fun of travel. It is educational, but that's really no the focus ... it's simply enjoyable.

Each turn consists of up to four steps:

  • card exchange (optional)
  • travel
  • collect souvenirs
  • pick up two travel cards

The players travel from one destination to another using travel cards (plane, train, ship and 4WD cards), and collect souvenirs in their final destination. Score points for travelling and for collected souvenirs. Dodge the travel bug, take chances, enjoy a race to the finish along the snake-counting line around the board.

The box rates the game at 6+ which is fair, but a talented 5 year old could manage.

We've played it amongst ourselves, and we're happy to share this with our customers.