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Yoyo One - Ready to Play / Novice


Beginners start HERE!

The ONE yoyo offers a comfortable modern shape, a variety of colors to choose from, silicone response, ball bearing, and extra-durable plastic. The best part about this yoyo is that it is perfect for beginners! The ONE is virtually maintenance-free, requiring no special oil or lubrication and there are no complicated parts to put together. Learning how to yoyo has never been easier!

These are not just an ordinary yoyos. The Yoyo Factory are dedicated yoyo experts founded by expert players and world champions. Geppetto's Workshop have tested dozens of yoyos from a dozen manufacturers and this is the brand we recommend. We do NOT sell junk/toy quality yoyos ... just the real thing.


  • Weight : 58 grams
  • Diameter : 52.7mm
  • Width : 37.3mm
  • Gap : 2.9mm
  • Bearing : CBC Large Half Spec Bearing
  • Response: CBC White Thick Large Bearing Pads