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Fun Wheel

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Check out this exciting new twist on the old-fashioned rail twister! Straight from the 70's, this little toy is deceptively captivating ... it feels nice in your hand as it spins and it looks amazing.

1. Place Fun Wheel on the outside of the metal rails on top so it is supported by the magnetic axles at each end.

2. Now tilt the metal rails down to make the wheel start rolling forward. As it rolls forward, tilt the rail back up to keep the wheel spinning along the rails.

3. Using your wrist, continue raising and lowering the rail to increase the speed of the wheel.

4. As the Fun Wheel picks up speed, it will begin to light up. The faster you spin it, the more it will light up!

5. To make the Fun Wheel work like a spinning top, hold the rails down close to the floor. Then flick the rails sideways to make the spinning wheel leave the rails and start spinning on the floor.

Ages : 3 yrs +

Batteries Included