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Numbers Kids Wooden Puzzle -15 pcs

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Look at those thick, chunky numbers with rich, solid colours!

There's lots to do with a puzzle like this and it's suitable for children under three, all the way into primary school.

When playing with children 2-3 years old, you're talking about shape and colour and describing the orientation of numbers using all the words required to correctly position them in the recesses; words like "turn it over", "turn it around" etc. You can also ask kids to "find the number 5", "find the blue one" or "show me the plus"etc.

At 4+ years old, kids can be shown how to run their fingers along the number holes as they'd be drawn, and use them to help form numbers on paper. A few obvious and tiny maths equations can also be made from the letters, like 1 + 2 = 3, or 2 x 3 = 6.

Age Rating :  0-3 years